I am a colourist and like to paint vibrant, dynamic work that aims to create an emotional connection. I enjoy the beauty of nature in all its glory and aim to capture moments of time, place, energy and colour that resonate with me. Many of these moments come to me in the most remote and peaceful parts of the British Isles where nature is displayed in its full rugged beauty. My art is generally not a true representation of reality as I paint primarily to express a feeling or to re-create a visual that I have in my mind's eye. I paint from within and also from photos which I have taken. My current inspiration comes from working from memory of places that make me happy. Currently my work involves collage. 



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Greenwoods, Coach Road Great Horkesley, Colchester UK

Images and text © Copyright of Heather Rachel Johnston 2021. If you are interested in using my work please get in contact to talk about licensing. Thankyou!
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“It brings me total joy every single time I look at it.”


I am delighted to be buying your lovely painting.  It is bright and cheerful and I know just where it is going

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