My Story

​I started painting as an escape from working in the City of London and having a strong call to be creative. I started though local art classes and under the mentoring of Ray Whyard an artist and local art teacher, I became more and more hooked. I subsequently attended two years of courses at Central St Martin's School of art in London. I have also attended courses with professional artists that inspire me such as David Tress, Ashley Hanson and Paul Wadsworth to name a few!


I am both an Artist and a Coach and I have been painting since the year 2000 starting with watercolours and moving into exploring acrylics and oils. I enjoy working in all mediums and like to experiment with different textures, mediums and styles. I live in North Essex on the Essex/Suffolk border and like to travel within the UK. You will see in my collections some of the places i have enjoyed going to over the last few years. For me colour is the essence of my art and I combine that with texture and movement and then I get excited, I like to play with my art and it is all about following my emotions and intuitions.

Heather Rachel and a pink and orange abstract painting

Artists that particularly inspire me that are currently practicing are Barbara Rae, Ashley Hanson, Paul Wadsworth and David Tress, Anselm Kiefer and Frank Bowling. Artists that are no longer with us that I am particularly drawn too are Joan Mitchell, Howard Hodgkin, Matisse, the Fauves, Emil Nolde and many German expressionists, Ricard Diebenkorn, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hoffmann and Robert Rauschenberg. I am also drawn to the work of textile artists and inspired by the texture and colour. My work can be found in private collections in the Uk and Germany.

Other Education

I also work as a psychologically based coach, business mentor and organisational development consultant through my company mindtrip. I have a first degree in Economics from the University of St Andrews and an MBA from Henley management college and various qualifications in evidence based people development