My Paintings
Capturing moments of joy that make me smile. 

My paintings are inspired often by walks in the countryside with my dogs.

I go out twice a day and my eye is often drawn to particular colour juxtapositions, or the atmosphere of the day. Having thought a while about how to present my paintings, I have gone back to the fundamentals...the time of the year that they represent or time of the year that they were painted. Each painting captures that moment in time, the feelings and happiness that it generated for me. I hope you enjoy them too!



I love Spring..perhaps because I was born right at the very beginning when the early growth of trees and hedgerows is coming through. It feels airy and light.



Days of light and the vibrancy of the sun the brilliance of garden flowers. Light and deep pinks and lots of multi-colour. It feels fiery (on a good day!)


The Autumn is often a time for travel for me, capturing coastlines, moors and beaches. Colours can become more mellow with purples and yellows and reds coming to the fore. It's good to be in nature !



Less paintings for me in the Winter but often they are about the rich winter sunsets and paintings often also have a watery feel!


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