I have been attracted to colour since an early age. I believe colour is essential to feeling good. 


I also have a great love of the outdoors, the space, essential essence and rhythm of nature’s seasons and its impact on my feelings. 


I was drawn to painting in my early 30s as a longing to be more creative and balance a job i wasn’t enjoying. Suddenly painting helped me see the world differently- it was as if i had been let into a secret world where green wasn’t just green… 


My work has evolved over time to essentially be about colour and joyful feelings and is often triggered by the natural world. I like to capture my joyful emotions, things that make me smile, feel peaceful or make my soul sing. Painting takes me to a more grounded immediate place, living in the moment, following an idea, colour, process or technique that is talking to me. Painting helps me to see and be grateful for the detail of the world around me, the colours and textures. It is all about bringing joy and learning into my life and also sharing that with others.


For me, by purchasing my art, I want to help you feel good everyday too